Our Local Roots Run Deep

We know your main interest is in meeting your commercial container rental needs in a quick and affordable manner. We also know it's important to choose a provider with an established and credible industry reputation, so here is our history, at a glance.

1946 - West Brothers Transfer founded by Floyd & Mary West.
1974 - Company purchased by next generation, Craig & Tommy West.
1997 - Continued regional and national expansion into Warehousing, Transportation Services, Logistic Leasing and Fleet Maintenance.
2008 - Container Rental business added.
2010 - Container and Trailer Rental become our main focus.
2016 - Containers4Less brand launched as low-cost category provider.

We've been serving the Triangle area for over 70 years, and we look forward with pride to adding your company to our customer roster.

Start saving on your next commercial container rental today!