West Brothers Trailer Rental & Storage/Containers4Less-Website Privacy Policy Statement


West Brothers Trailer Rental & Storage and Containers4Less (operated by West Brothers Transfer and Storage H&S Division.)


A guiding principle of our culture has always been to treat our clients and business associates in the same way that we would want to be treated. This belief also extends to the way in which we handle their sensitive and confidential information. The following policy outlines our practices.

We may ask you to provide specific information that allows us to serve your needs. Because we rent storage equipment we will need your contact information so that we can respond to your inquiries in a timely manner.

We will also ask you to disclose the method in which you first learned about our services and this provides us with some joint benefits. For you, it means we do not need to use multiple media channels to try to reach you in the future because you have already provided your preferred means of searching for us. For us it means we can be more cost efficient in our marketing efforts and thereby hold down our operating costs. This results in ongoing savings to our clients.

For your convenience, we invite potential new clients to request a quote for our rental services online. In order to provide these estimates we are required to first run a credit reference check using a third party provider. We will ask for the name and address of your business, your zip code, email and best phone contact numbers along with the name and title of individual we should deal with. Should you decide to rent from us and accept our estimate we will then need the details of the credit card you plan to charge, including the card type, the cardholder name, card number, authorization code and expiration date. This information is strictly for internal billing use only and will never be shared with any outside parties, except as required by law.

Should you periodically receive other marketing information from us in the form of emails or hard copy mailers and postcards, including any special offers and your preference is to opt out of such items, you can advise us at any of our contact points and we will immediately remove your information from these lists. 

From time to time we may invite you to submit commentary about your experiences in working with us. Publishing these comments on our web site helps build our credibility as an organization and can also help improve our rankings among Google and other industry search engines. We greatly value your endorsements and totally respect your privacy, so when publishing your comments we will never divulge more that your first name or initials and your state of origin. We always withhold last names, company names and specific address and contact information.

Should you have further questions on our privacy policy you may contact us at either: info@westbrothers.com or info@containers4less.com

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